LIB Dog Behavioural Training

LIB Behavioral Training
We came to realize a long time ago that we wont be able to help & re-home every dog who’s owners have given up on them.
The answer is surely to help the owners & the dogs communicate in a way that enables the dog to remain with their family before the situation becomes desperate.
There really are very few issues that are not resolvable with the right understanding, training, advise & commitment.
Paul is a PRAMA trainer this means Positive Reward And Minimal Aversive.
Positive reward is fabulous when you are teaching a dog a new behaviour like sit, down, paw etc but for challenging issues such as aggression, jumping up, resource guarding etc some consequence may be required, this is to be as subtle as possible.
Lib dog rescue has re-homed well over 500 dogs & Paul has worked with all who have had issues, some of them very challenging. He works in a way that addresses rather than avoids the issue & he gets results. As well as working with the rescues Paul has completed the Canine Instructor Academy Behaviour course. This intensive residential course is run by Robert Allyene (TVs Dog Borstal)
Services Include
Full consultation
A first visit 2 – 4 hrs
demonstration of training techniques + handouts
written report including plan of action
weekly telephone followup if needed
followup visit
1 -2 -1’s
2hr session introducing training techniques
1hr to recap or expand on training already introduced.
Owner workshops
For dogs with issues such as reactivity or aggression classes can be pretty stressful for everyone – these classes are for owner attendance only, geared toward teaching the owners techniques to deal with issues without stressing the dog. Issues such as dog reactivity or visitor aggression.
For more information please email or call 07774368378