Dogs Waiting In Lowestoft


Indie is about 5yrs old, he was attacked in the shelter twice, once his back was hurt and the second time his poor ear. Indie has also undergone dental surgery since being in the UK. It looked like the result of trauma, his top canines and all his incisors were broken. These have been removed, the remaining teeth are in good condition. Despite this he is a happy boy. He is good on lead and is starting to get the hang of being off lead. He is smart and will do anything for a treat, so he is very trainable. He is a bit weary when meeting new dogs (understandably), but given a little while he will settle down and relax around them. Indie is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a passport.


What a beautiful boy – Hugo is 2yrs old and has come to us from Adjud public shelter in Romania where volunteers work very hard for the dogs but supplies, food and facilities are inadequate – dogs are hungry, scared and overcrowded. Hugo is nervous and will take a little patience but he is a handsome, beautiful, gentle soul. He is vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped and has a passport. Already his character is showing as he is hoarding all kinds of toys and tea towels and things he finds in his bed. He is quite a large dog but doesn’t seem to know it as he is timid with feisty smaller dogs, but he is starting to play with some of the gentle small dogs in our house – even letting the little ones get into his bed with him. He is living here with 15 other dogs and I haven’t seen him as much as grumble or snarl. This is a beautiful boy – just waiting for someone to love him. He is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a passport.

Bruce Arthur

Bruce Arthur is a beautiful boy – so named after his sponsors Father – This is a large size, very handsome dog.  He seems to think he is small, he always crams himself into a very small bed. Bruce is quite nervous, but is beginning to show happiness and excitement when he greets us. He is gaining confidence out on his walks, he is very gentle, never argues with the other 15 dogs here and is submissive even with far smaller dogs. Bruce is 4yrs old according to his passport, but I would have guessed him to be bit younger. Bruce had been in a public shelter in Romania for over a year when we bought him here. He is vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped & has his passport. This wonderful dog is just about ready to begin his new life and I am certain he will be a very loyal and loving companion. He is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a passport.

Teddy (A CARE Rescue Dog)

TEDDY – Lurcher, Male (neutered),  1 year old, Vaccinated, Chipped, 27 inches at the shoulder,  Good with children (lives with 4) and adults,  Teddy is timid around strange dogs, he wants to play but if they bark he is frightened.  There is a cat in the home but it lives upstairs as Teddy just wants to play and chase the cat in fun, not trying to harm her.  He loves to play and is clean indoors, . He pulls on the lead so will need a bit of training but  is a lovely boy who needs a forever home.

Teddy was given up by his mom because of her health problems.  We homed him to a lovely family with 2 boys but Teddy played a bit too rough for the youngest, so he has come back.  We have him here in our home with 6 dogs.  He is shy at first but gradually building confidence and being inquisitive.  He really is just a big goofy puppy who desperately needs someone to love and be best friends with.  He does need a bit of basic training but not much, he’s a super boy, so give a call for him, you won’t be sorry.

Teddy is here in our home with 6 other dogs, he is a mischievous Lurcher puppy brain in a large body.  He is sweet and Innocent but full of mischief and can be extremely lovely with a small bout of naughtiness when he gets bored and restless.  He counter surfs but other than that he is pretty good around the house.  Clean indoors if given the chance to go outside.,  Knows sit, lay down and go to your bed,  Teddy is a really nice dog but still a bit of a puppy in his head.  Don’t miss a chance to share life with this wonderful boy!

Teddy is with Our friends at CARE rescue so please contact  Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog.


Benny is a big gentle boy. He is just over two years old. Good with people of all ages, other dogs and cats. He was adopted once, but due to the owner’s health problems he is now looking for a new home. He will sit and give you his paw. Walks well on the lead. He is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a passport.


What a really sweet and cuddly little boy, five years old, vaccinated neutered and micro chipped with his own pet passport. You have to meet this little sweetie, he walks really well on the lead. Usa is good with cats and children.


A Little dog called HOPE, she is about 8 months old. Hope was found with a broken leg . She has had unsuccessful surgery in Romania. And now has a rear limb that she can’t use, it has lost all ability to bend and and that must be causing her some pain. We are pretty sure the leg will need to be amputated, but she will be up and running in no time at all. Dogs recover very well, we have two three legged dogs in our family and both are very capable and very happy. We are sure Hope will cope whatever, she has a big personality and a determination that will see her through. On top of this she is a very affectionate cuddly dog. She is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has her own passport.


Fudge is a 7 year old male (possibly younger). He was in Adjud public shelter with his brother. After his brother was rescued, he became very unhappy, which is when we were asked to take him. He is a very small nervous dog. Fudge will take a bit of patience and a gentle approach. He is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has his own passport.


Jess is a small 2 year old girl. She came off transport happy and bouncy. She really enjoyed her first walk on lead. She loves attention and cuddles. Jess is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has her own passport.


Percy is a medium sized male, he is about 7, possibly younger. Percy was terrified when he arrived, simply touching him to put a lead or collar on and he would squeal like he was being hurt and wet himself. In under 24hrs he started to wagging his tail and accepting some fuss. With time he will become a fantastic dog. He is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has his own passport.


Smiley is a lovely girl 1-2 years old. She was really scared and shut down when she arrived. By the next morning she was wagging her tail and exploring the place. She was a little hesitant, but enjoyed her first lead walk. A very friendly affectionate girl. She is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has her passport.

Nova (Super Nova) Reserved

Nova is about 2yrs old. She is a really affectionate, playful, fun loving little dog, which is why we have taken to calling her Super Nova. Nova will sit for a treat, walks well on lead. She is getting better with her recall off lead. Nova loves people and other dogs. She will play with dogs from greyhound size to chihuahua. She is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a passport.

Alba - Reserved

Probable birth date 15 July 2013 – Alba was left outside the Shelter in a box when she was around 3 months old. A very polite and well behaved girl but a shy one. She will need time and patience to allow her to blossom. Alba walks nicely on lead. When we first let her go off lead we saw her tail come up and she really came alive. She will sit for a treat. Alba is neutered, fully vacinated, micro-chipped and has a passport.