Dogs Waiting To Be Adopted


Male 2yrs Old

What a beautiful boy – Hugo is 2yrs old and has come to us from Adjud public shelter in Romania where volunteers work very hard for the dogs but supplies, food and facilities are inadequate – dogs are hungry, scared and overcrowded. Hugo is nervous and will take a little patience but he is a handsome, beautiful, gentle soul. He is vaccinated, neutered, micro chipped and has a passport. Already his character is showing as he is hoarding all kinds of toys and tea towels and things he finds in his bed. He is quite a large dog but doesn’t seem to know it as he is timid with feisty smaller dogs, but he is starting to play with some of the gentle small dogs in our house – even letting the little ones get into his bed with him. He is living here with 15 other dogs and I haven’t seen him as much as grumble or snarl. This is a beautiful boy – just waiting for someone to love him. He is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has a passport.

Bruce Arthur

3-4yrs old

Bruce is a medium to large dog. He is a lovely, silly dog who likes to thrown himself on the ground roll around and have fun. He is very relaxed and friendly with people he knows and trusts. However, he is scared of some people. This can bring out some less desirable behavior. Bruce is such a lovely boy who deserves a loving home. Are you someone with some experience who could work patiently with a dog that has had a rough time of it? He is vaccinated, micro chipped, neutered, has his own passport, he just needs the right home now.

Karma - Reserved

3-5yrs old

Karma is a large, beautiful, friendly girl .There is most likely some G/S in this girl she is fairly big and strong but very gentle and kind . Her ears are magnificent! She is playful with the other dogs. I haven’t seen her be overly rough or nasty once, even the little dogs like to play with Karma. She is a little bit excitable but generally a very steady dog – she is walking on the lead – has met children – walked on the road in traffic and is really a star of a dog – Karma is neutered, vaccinated and chipped with her own passport – Her passport has her age as 5 (this is a guesstimate by the Romanian vet) but I honestly think she is younger as she is so full of beans and her teeth are great. Regardless of her age she is a fabulous dog


3-4yrs old

Boadicea is a girl very dear to our hearts , she is our BoBo’s mum. A shy nervous girl 3 – 4 yrs old. She waited for over 2yrs in the public shelter. Here in our home she is doing better than expected. She and I have a bit of a bond and she excepting fuss from me. She is more bronze than black close up and is unusual to look at . Relatively calm considering what she has been through. She initially she froze on the lead and I was having to pick her up and give her a carry. Now she is walking beautifully on lead and we let her off. She is now ready to look for a forever home.. Somewhere quiet, patience will be needed for this lovely girl. She is neutered vaccinated chipped and has her own passport


Female 2yrs Old

Lara – a gentle large terrier type, she is a quiet reserved girl. Very placid and gentle. Good with other dogs and children. Learning to walk on lead. She is neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has her own passport.


2yrs Old

Beautiful young Boy 2yrs old in February 2019. We have re-homed Odin’s brothers Otto and Omar and his beautiful sister Oprah from the Spanish cave pups litter. Odin is a great dog, he is good off the lead and very smart . He can be excitable and pull on the lead, more so when he is with the group of dogs . He is less confident and more reserved on his own. We feel that Odin would be best re-homed with some one that has some experience with dogs. Good with children, interested but non aggressive with cats, loves to play but again can be a bit full on. In the right home Odin will be awesome


1 yr old g

This beautiful girl was attacked in the public shelter, her ear torn and her leg so badly damaged that it had to be amputated. She has a name now, ZITA meaning ‘little hope’ and a new life ahead of her. Zita is amazing , one of the happiest, sweetest dogs I have ever met. She is friendly to all the other dogs despite a horrific attack. Zita loves everyone she meets – she needs more work to get her walking on lead. She is scared of everything outside of our house and garden, but I am very confident that she will start to turn that around in a few days time. Zita is one very special dog, medium sized, vaccinated, chipped, neutered and with her own pet passport.


4-5yrs Old

Cute friendly boy – 4-5 years old & he has been in Adjud public shelter for over 2 yrs, yet he came off the transport van wagging his tail. He is named after Nicoleta’s (our dear friend in Romania) grandson – she tells us he is a precious boy, and he certainly is. Playful, friendly and already walking on the lead. Luca is neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and has his own passport


4yr old girl

Happy is a cute friendly girl.  This little dog is a dream, she came into our home and not only was she friendly to everyone and all of the other dogs, but she also offered comfort to a little dog who was very scared. Happy is already walking nicely on the lead and is clean in the house all in less than a week. We think Happy will have lots of character when she settles, she is already showing little glimpses of her lovely personality. Happy is neutered – vaccinated – chipped and has her own passport

Teddy (A CARE Rescue Dog)

TEDDY – Lurcher, Male (neutered),  1 year old, Vaccinated, Chipped, 27 inches at the shoulder,  Good with children (lived with 4) and adults,  Teddy is timid around strange dogs, he wants to play but if they bark he is frightened.  There is a cat in the home but it lives upstairs as Teddy just wants to play and chase the cat in fun, not trying to harm her.  He loves to play and is clean indoors, . He pulls on the lead so will need a bit of training but  is a lovely boy who needs a forever home.

Teddy was given up by his mom because of her health problems.  We homed him to a lovely family with 2 boys but Teddy played a bit too rough for the youngest, so he has come back.  We have him here in our home with 6 dogs.  He is shy at first but gradually building confidence and being inquisitive.  He really is just a big goofy puppy who desperately needs someone to love and be best friends with.  He does need a bit of basic training but not much, he’s a super boy, so give a call for him, you won’t be sorry.

Teddy is here in our home with 6 other dogs, he is a mischievous Lurcher puppy brain in a large body.  He is sweet and Innocent but full of mischief and can be extremely lovely with a small bout of naughtiness when he gets bored and restless.  He counter surfs but other than that he is pretty good around the house.  Clean indoors if given the chance to go outside.,  Knows sit, lay down and go to your bed,  Teddy is a really nice dog but still a bit of a puppy in his head.  Don’t miss a chance to share life with this wonderful boy!

Teddy is with Our friends at CARE rescue so please contact  Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog.


4yrs old

Scruffy arrived and settled in very quickly. She is a really lovely little dog, getting on well with everyone but a little possessive about her food, this is to be expected with dogs that come from shelters where they are only fed 3-4 times a week. She is vaccinated neutered chipped and has her own passport. We know little about Scruffy except she was living a pretty horrible life in the public shelter in Adjud Romania. She is now living in our home with 18 other dogs, she has also been fine with the children she has met so far. She sleeps through the night last night and has been clean in the house. She is also walking nicely on the lead.


2yr Old Boy

Rufus is such a sweet little boy, he has such character – I adore him already. Rufus has chosen a spot to chill out on top of a crate, where he collects all of my shoes and snuggles during the day whilst watching the goings on of our house.He is a little thief but only collects doesn’t damage my things, Rufus has been out walking and is a little nervous, but is a very good boy. Cute,funny and will make somebody a fantastic little dog. Until he gets the perfect home offer he can hang out here and brighten my days. Rufus is neutered – vaccinated – chipped and has his own passport.

Turko (A CARE Rescue Dog)

Male 4yrs Old

Mixed breed, Male (Neutered), 4 years old (DOB 26 Feb 2015),  Chipped, Vaccinated, Has Pet Passport, Blood tested clear of all Mediterranean diseases.

Turko is good with dogs, good with children, good with people and house trained.  He is in Spain right now, his owner passed away and the family didn’t want him so they dumped him in the municipal shelter (basically to be killed), some good people rescued him from there and he has been with them for around 6 months.  He has little chance of being adopted in Spain, so he’s coming here to have a chance of finding a home. He’s gentle and loving and will need a family who can walk him regularly and provide the love he is use to

 Phone Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog.

Marius (A CARE Rescue Dog)

2-3yrs Old

MARIUS – (now Mauri)– Labrador x, Male (Neutered), 5 years old, Vaccinated, Chipped, vet checked and disease free, Has Pet Passport. Marius is good with male and female dogs as he lives with both. He has not been around children and we would therefore not want to place him in a home with young children.

Marius was a street or maybe forest dog for a few years then caught by the dog catchers (who can be and usually are brutal). A vet took him away from the public shelter and kept him with her and several other dog for 3 years. This vet helps dogs where she can and homes thru UK rescue when possible.

Marius arrived on 11 Mar and has been in our home with 8 other dogs. He was very scared of anything new or any sudden movement or noise. He is now getting much better and become very affectionate to us. He is protective of the home and us, NOT aggressive but barks to warn us and stops when we ask him to. He is really a lovey boy! Mari would best suit a home with older children, or adults only which is quieter and not raving busy. He will need a few weeks to settle down, lots of treats and gentle handling to realise you mean him no harm and to bond to you.

He cannot be let off lead and is a hunter, very keen on squirrel, rabbit and any small furry animal when on walks in the forest, so we think he must have roamed a woodland and survived by catching/eating the small animals. If off lead and went after game, he would not return, so it will be months of training and bonding before he could be let run free.

He is very special, needs kindness, not pack leader/dominance type owner, that would drive him into a very dark place which we have worked for weeks to ease him away from and into the light of trust and bonding with humans.

Phone Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog if you want to put some time, effort and love into giving Mauri the life he deserves and making a nice dog even better!!

Phone Daphne on 01493 653955 for more information about this dog.