What is meant by a secure garden?

When we say secure garden we mean an enclosed area with 6ft high fences or walls. Nothing close to the fences or walls a dog could climb on and escape.

What is a slip lead and why are they important?

A slip lead is a lead that has a loop which the lead material can slide through. There is a tab which can then be slid down to prevent it coming loose.

They are important because sometimes a rescue dog can become scared and panic. If this happens they will pull away from you backwards. A normal collar and lead or a harness can slip off leaving a loose dog with nothing to get hold of. A slip lead will tighten and won’t come over their head. It may seem harsh having something that tightens round their neck, but a scared dog running off and potentially being killed on a road is far worse.

Do you sell the dogs?

We are often asked how much it is to buy a dog from LIB. We do not sell dogs. We do ask for an adoption donation. LIB Dog Rescue is a not for profit organisation. We raise money through donations in order to bring the dogs from Romania or Spain. We then ask for an adoption donation when the dogs go to a new home. This is usually around the cost of bringing a dog. This money is used for vets bills, fostering costs in Romania and anything else that arises to look after the dogs.

What do I do if I lose my dog?

If you lose your dog the first thing to do is contact LIB dog rescue. Do not chase after the dog follow it at a distance, crouch down, make yourself non threatening. If you lose sight of your dog do not wait several hours, call us. We can help.

Contact dog lost. DogLost is a nationwide web-site, it’s a free service that will help and support you if you lose your dog. If you register your dog on the web-site alerts will go out to our helpers in the area via E-mail. Posters can be printed off your dog’s page and there will be advice and support for you on your dog’s page. This can be shared on social media.