Dog Rescue

LIB Dog rescue is a very small non profit organisation based in Lowestoft Suffolk. We work with some wonderful people in Romania, Spain and right here at home.  Everyone involved is a volunteer, we all have jobs or businesses to run, most of the dogs stay right here at home with us, a few are fostered, there are no kennels. Each dog arrives at our home or is collected from transport by us and we take take care to get to know each and every one. While they are here they are a member of our family and are loved as such, they can stay as long as they need to and over the last 3 years, a few with more difficult issues have become family and will never leave.

All kinds of people have come together to help these dogs, offering funds & sponsorship, providing food, running sponsored events or collections of goods, helping us to walk, sharing our posts, spreading the word, offering good and loving homes, home checking, sitting with the fur crew while we work, translating and communicating with our friends in Romania, advising us when we need it and promoting our dogs, the volunteers in Romania & Spain do the most difficult work and suffer the most pain  . . . too many people to mention individually but without whom we simply couldn’t do this. The energy is incredible when people care enough to to do something, however big or small.

You will find on our site the dogs that we have here now, dogs that are waiting to come & in galleries some of our happy ever afters, some FAQs and some information about why we choose to work predominantly with Romanian dogs. There are some thoughts and experiences from people that have adopted from us and people that are involved in other ways in testimonials. We know that not everyone can rehome right now but there maybe some other way in which you can help if you would like to.