How Do I Adopt?

You have been looking at all the pictures, read their stories and there is a dog that for you stands out. What do you do next? First thing is to emailĀ asking for an application form. Fill in and send back the form. At this stage someone will let you know if one of our dogs might be a good match or not. If it seems like you may be able to offer a home to one of the dogs the next stage is a home check. Someone will come out and look at your living situation. Make sure that there is a secure garden, preferably an inner door that can be shut when the front door is open etc. Sometimes there are a few things we will ask you to do to ensure the safety of the dog. Once a home check is passed the next stage is to meet the dog. This is obviously the most exciting part, getting to see the dog you have fallen for. Please, if you get to this stage, be patient. I love meeting the new dogs when they arrive here. You have to remember this is a massive thing for some of the rescues. We don’t always know their past, what they have had to endure. So don’t be disappointed if they don’t come running to you when you call. It can take a dog a long time to trust a new person. If you are willing to wait and give a dog the time and love it needs to trust you, I promise that there is nothing more rewarding than watching them turn into a confident, happy bundle of unconditional love for you.